Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another letter to Kid B - Love Mommy

Dear Kid B,

Hi.  Remember me?  You should.  You're growing inside me.

For the last several weeks, I've been freaking out your dad at night when you decide to move or shift in my belly.  It's a cool thing to watch with my shirt covering my belly, but lift up the shirt so you can see the actual belly, and Daddy gets super freaked out.  I find it to be quite humorous actually.  The other day, your big brother R (who is SOOOOO psyched to meet you btw) was sitting on my lap and you kicked him in the back.  He didn't mind though.  He thought it was pretty cool!

You may remember from this post, that your Auntie Tay likes to write letters.  In her letter to you, she talked about our work out sessions together.  We worked out together tonight actually.  Aunt Jen was there too!  Tonight, Auntie Tay and Aunt Jen, along with 2 other women who happened to be near us, had the pleasure of seeing you move around while I was working out!  While doing our ab workout, you decided that you  needed a little work out as well and started moving all around.  Right now, I cannot figure out how you are positioned and I was REALLY trying to figure that out, but you kept moving and shifting.  I think you and I freaked out everyone, but again, I thought it was pretty humorous.

I'll get serious now for a moment or two.  Daddy, R and I are so excited to meet you!  It seems like we just found out about you, but in about a month or so, you will be here!  R tells me he is going to be my BIG helper. He assures me that he'll help me change your "stinky" diapers and sing songs to you to help you sleep.  We've been practicing some songs every night actually.

Daddy took some pictures of us this past weekend.  R and I decided that we should pose with the stuffed turtle that R picked out for you a while back.

This is proof that R DOES love you.  :)

And this is proof that Mommy and R are goofy and your dad makes us crack up.  :)

In closing, Kid B, I promise, we'll figure out a name for you too.  I SWEAR we will not call you Kid B after you are born - at least not for very long.  :)

We love you!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Open Letter to Kid B - love Auntie Tay....

Prepare yourselves..... If you need to pee, do it now, or else you may pee yourself laughing.

My BFF Tay wrote this letter to Kid B last weekend while I spent time on the couch attempting to feel better.  AND she said I could share it with you!  Best.friend.ever.  Maybe someday I'll share her letter to R as well, if you are lucky.