Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enjoy Yo Selves - Happy Birthday edition

September 3, 1985, two brunette, ADORABLE, pale skinned girls enter their kindergarten room at #7 school and quietly notice each other.  Maybe our mom's noticed the fact that we were NOT the screaming girl in the corner with a mom who was struggling to keep it together?  (NOTE: we were forced to hang with said screaming girl - but at least she had Girl Talk to play with at sleepovers.)  Whatever the case may be, these two adorable, intelligent, HYSTERICAL girls became best friends.  Their names are Michelle and Taylor.

Over the years, Michelley and Tay Tay went through some interesting times.   From the "Mother Goose Bake Shop" play in 2nd grade, where Michelle wanted to club Taylor for getting to act in a scene with the cutest boy in school, to changing schools in 4th grade together, to knitting at lunch time in 5th grade (who does that?), to going to different high schools, different colleges, and now living in different cities, the thing that remains constant is the ability to pick up a conversation where we left off, even if weeks have passed.

In honor of Tay's birthday today, I thought I'd share some of the perks of having a lifelong BFF.  If you are lucky enough to have someone like this, I'm sure you'll relate.

  1. When you don't remember something, just call on your BFF and she'll recall the details.  I do that when I want to remember ANYTHING from Elementary school.  Also, since I met Tay before my youngest sister was born (HOW WEIRD IS THAT?), I can also go to her for stories of my sisters as babies.  
  2. Her mom is your mom and your mom is hers.  I know I can count on M-Biddy for a swift quick in the bottom OR a loving hug when I need it.
  3. Her parents don't mind when you drunk dial them.  So, this one time, in 2004, EMX and I got married and had an apartment downtown.  Now, because we lived within walking distance to the bars, our apartment became quite the gathering place on the weekends.  And what do you do when you feel the need to talk to someone?  Why not call your best friend's mom and dad?  It's not just because you can remember their phone number by heart...  It's because you REALLY want to talk to them. At 2 in the morning.  While eating pizza.  Another perk?  After your BFF's brother's 21st bday night, your BFF's mom brings you hangover soup.
  4. You can live in different cities, but still rely on each other to talk you down when you are in full panic mode. Through email.
  5. You've known each other through all of the awkward stages.  So you can REALLY appreciate now how cute each of you turned out.
  6. It's not weird that your BFF is also good friends with your husband.  Even when it's AWKWARD.
  7. You liked to party together.  Now you like to commiserate about the fact that OJ just gave you heartburn.
  8. Your BFF can write letters to your unborn children, or soon to be adopted dog - even though you don't - and it's not weird at all!
  9. You can have panini nights weekly with your BFF and still have her compare every other panini in the world to yours and like yours the best.
  10. Your BFF knows all of your wacky family history and quirks, and still loves you anyway.
Happy birthday Tay Tay!  I can truly say I LYLAS!

Hey Tay!  It's $1 drink night at the JUNGLE!

401 4 L.

A pic of Tay with EMX.

Best Peeps Wedding shot.

One of my favorite shots - actually this picture is hanging in our powder room. 

Classy Tay.  Not to be confused with Classy, Tay.  This is actually Classy Tay.

Tearing up the dance floor.  Probably before she yelled at everyone to "GET IN A CIRCLE."

Two beers. One Tay.  One Hat.

Tay laughing at her own jokes.  I guess I'm laughing too.

First apple picking trip ever!  There were no apple trees at the farm we chose.

At our sprinkle for Baby G.  Love these two.

Hugging it out.

Just an iron worker with a dog.

A typical Friday night back in 2005.

Oh geesh - this face is embarrassing.  Maid of Honor Speech talking about my dress stuck in my underwear - in kindergarten.

At Reedster's 1st birthday party.  Traditional shot with Godmoms.

awwww siblings.

I mean really, how cute are we?

Probably laughing at something EMX said, which was probably inappropriate, while holding our baby girl.

A pic of Tay with my hubby, again.

Traditional "Let's show our legs off" wedding picture.

Another picture of Tay with my hubby.

Just a typical Wednesday.

How cute are we?

Typical wedding pic with bride and her sisters.

Still cute.

Yep - still $1 drink night at the Jungle.

Yes those are bras on the drying rack.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Random Monday Musings of the YumYumMother

I know you are just sitting at home wondering to yourself, "Gee, I wonder what Michelle is thinking right now?"  You are in luck!
  1. "Hey, nice to see you," said no one ever to pink eye.  When sitting at work on hold with an insurance company thinking about having a free evening (after karate), don't get your hopes up that you might be able to make a late zumba class because guess what?  You'll get pink eye - even though your daughter who had it last week has ended her eye drops and hasn't been contagious in 4 days. 
  2. 5.5 year olds can pick up the use of nun-chucks pretty quickly.
  3. I wonder how our weeks are going to be when G starts sports or activities...
  4. Bacon, avocado, cheddar and salsa omelettes are SO yummy.
  5. I love almond butter.
Thank you and good night!