Saturday, December 17, 2011

I went there. And it was glorious.

Here is an early Christmas or Hanukkah gift for all you ladies born in the 80s.  

Jon isn't there... which makes me sad, as he was my favorite.

If you want to just listen to the song, You can do so here.  :)

You're welcome.  :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

And the pickles.....

I'm on my 2nd 80 oz jar/container of Kosher pickles.  I'm not proud, but they are just SO good!  Kid B loves them - those and clementines.  I seriously cannot get enough!

We had our ultrasound today.  Kid B looked great.  I picked R up early from school.  His teacher had to wake him up early so he could "go to the doctor's apartment to see Kid B on the TV."  His words.  So awesome.  :)  Then he kept commenting on the fact that I picked him up in the dark.  (Because the lights are off during nap time.)  I thought R would be really into seeing the baby, but he was more into his snack than anything.  What can I say?  Kid A loves to eat - just like his mom.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

The newest Ober - it's not what you think!

OK, so yes, we actually have 2 new Obers to talk about.  We are expecting our second child!  But, there isn't much news to report on that and this post isn't about Kid B.  We haven't had an ultrasound yet and I'm feeling normal, albeit a little puffier than normal.  So there will be more to report on that later I'm sure.

This post is about the newest addition (since Kid B was actually added last summer), Allen.  

If you know me well, you know that I like to name our cars.  

It started with IGY.  My first car.  Good ol' IGY.  A hand me down car from my mom when she broke her hip my Senior year of High School.  The car with the horn that sounded like death, or a really really bad frog.  I did love that car.  The Jetta and the A4 didn't get names....  

Then came Pilot Pete - which is still in the family.  A big work horse.  He can take whatever we give him.  Pull a trailer?  Sure!  Deal with R puke?  OF COURSE!  

Then there are the cars that EMX has had.  The J33P.  The car that EMX bought to "save money."  Even though his Accord was paid off and he would have a car payment with the Jeep.  I blame that purchase on the fact that I was in London that summer.  

Then came the Red Rocket.  The car that I refused to ride in because it was so obnoxiously loud.  

Then came Patina.  OH sweet Patina.  Our not-so-kid-friendly purchase in 2007 - just 2 days prior to finding out I was pregnant with R.  The Honda S2000.  Probably the 2nd car that I LOVED.  When we got Patina, we needed to get rid of Red Rocket and get another sensible family car.  

So EMX found Bernadette.  

When we decided to build our house, Patina had to go.  It was a very sad day in our household, but having a car payment on a car that just sits in the garage most of the time isn't smart - especially when you can use that money toward a better house.  Poor sweet Patina.  We had you for 1.5 years and only put 3,000 miles on you.  :(

When we first moved, EMX got into an "accident" with Bernadette (and that is in quotes, because there were no other cars involved, only a guard rail - and it was around that time that EMX started to get sick of sweet Bernadette).  So came Si - or the Civic Si.  Another family vehicle - but alas, that only lasted for a few months, when EMX was laid off from work and sold it to save money while he was looking for a new job.  (Funny - I actually typed car instead of job.... subconscious?  yes?  no?)  Then came the Pink Integra.    It used to be red at some point in its existence, but now most of it has faded into pink.  EMX and R's project car if you will.

So, with Kid B on the way, we had Pilot Pete and Pink Integra only.  Pilot Pete is an awesome family car.  Pink Integra - not so much.  So comes, Allen.  Our new (to us) Toyota Prius.  The only NON HONDA.  When EMX decided to buy Allen, I thought for sure that I saw a pink pig fly past our house.  

We really like Allen so far.  I NEVER thought I'd see the day that EMX preferred MPG over MPH.  :)