Monday, December 5, 2011

And the pickles.....

I'm on my 2nd 80 oz jar/container of Kosher pickles.  I'm not proud, but they are just SO good!  Kid B loves them - those and clementines.  I seriously cannot get enough!

We had our ultrasound today.  Kid B looked great.  I picked R up early from school.  His teacher had to wake him up early so he could "go to the doctor's apartment to see Kid B on the TV."  His words.  So awesome.  :)  Then he kept commenting on the fact that I picked him up in the dark.  (Because the lights are off during nap time.)  I thought R would be really into seeing the baby, but he was more into his snack than anything.  What can I say?  Kid A loves to eat - just like his mom.  

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