Monday, April 4, 2011

Mondays come way too fast....

I should first give credit to my buddy Mikey for giving me an idea for this blog post.  (Thanks Mikey!)

We've been SUPER CRAZY busy the last few weeks.  To give you an idea of what we've been doing, I'll give you a little run down.

R has soccer Saturday mornings, which thankfully, EMX takes him to, so I can go to some of my favorite exercise classes of the week - Bootcamp and Piyo.  Love them both.  I actually had to skip one week because we want to get a head start on the painting project of that weekend.

EMX also plays soccer one weeknight.  I've been trying to make as many other exercise classes as possible on every other night, while also making (semi) healthy dinners for my two darling boys (EMX and R) and trying to maintain some sort of sanity/cleanliness/order in the house.  (Which I have to say, isn't going very well.  Who wants to come and clean my house?  Because yesterday I glanced quickly at the shelf in our living room and was completely grossed out and embarrassed by the amount of dust I found....  I should really do something about that....)

In March, we painted the mud room, the kitchen, the downstairs hallway, the master bedroom, R's bathroom and the upstairs hallway.  When we decided to go with a model WITHOUT an open foyer, we thought that we had saved ourselves from painting difficult to reach spots.  Guess again.  That spot over the stairs going to the 2nd floor?  YEAH - really difficult to paint.  Thankfully we had the help of my awesome in-laws.  (Thanks guys!)  EMX also reorganized the basement and I baked a gazillion (OK, fine, not a gazillion...) cookies, truffles, goodies in March.  We also attended 2 birthday parties, had a girls night painting pottery and I think EMX even had a night out with the soccer guys?  Oh and their soccer team WON last week!  (Raise the roof motion!  YAHOO!)

So yes, as a whole, March was very productive, but I've been slacking quite a bit when it comes to this!  I found myself this weekend having to stop and think about what day it was because we have managed to cram so much into every weekend, they are starting to blur together.

Moral of this post?  Anyone want to come and clean my house and/or paint the next room?  :)

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