Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've been in a pretty rotten mood this week.  For no reason in particular.  Have you ever had a bunch of really small, not really important in the big scheme of things, annoyances happen?  That is why I'm in a rotten mood.  Just a bunch of annoying, stupid little things that have added up all week and led me to be in a funk.

I will tell you one thing.  I REALLY dislike being in a bad mood.  One thing that I pride myself on is looking for the positive in everything.

So, that leads me to this.  In trying to turn my mood around, I figured it would be great to write something about GOOD and POSITIVE things that come to mind right now.

1.  This.  Seriously.  My kid is awesome.  And to be fair, I haven't taken him for ice cream in several weeks/months.  He has certain other people in his life who like to take him for ice cream - often.  But I'm super grateful that my little guy is going to have a close relationship with those people, who shall remain nameless of course.  :)

2.  The song posted above.  Something about the lyrics and the instrumentals really do put a smile on my face.  Too funny.  After I hear this song, I start to think about how Lily Allen is British and EMX and I are going to go to London/Dublin in the near future!  And then I start to think about that summer in 2002 when I was oh so homesick, and missing EMX so much, but traveling and seeing so much and ultimately having a fabulous summer.  And then coming home and getting engaged.  And then I start laughing thinking about how I asked EMX if there was anything stuck in my teeth right before he proposed.  I'm classy like that.  Then I start thinking about my littlest sister L who recently became engaged.  SO EXCITING!  So yeah - follow that thought process.

3.  I was having a really super irritating problem with my car, Pilot Pete.  Thankfully, EMX is great at diagnosing (with the help of Dr. Google) and FIXING problems.  Yea.  Happy dance.

4.  I think once R is actually sleeping and I've finished cleaning the rest of the bathrooms, I'm going to learn this dance.  That will definitely put a smile on my face.  :)

5. I made an omelette tonight for dinner inspired by my favorite at a local diner we frequent.  Sauteed onions, jalapeno peppers, tomato and cheddar cheese.  YUM!  I made it lighter by using 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg.  The diner version also has breakfast sausage in it but all I had was maple sausage and that didn't sound right.  I topped it with light sour cream and homemade salsa.  It was awesome - and tasted like I was at the diner.  I love brinner.  R isn't big on eggs which is why he had pumpkin waffles for dinner.  I make a big batch and freeze them for an easy go to meal on nights I'm making something that I know R will just not eat.

OK - starting to feel better now!  Off to clean the bathrooms and learn how to" party rock."

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