Monday, October 15, 2012

From the mouth of R...

Mommy: Get in the car Reed.
Reed: OK School bus driver!  Hey, school buses don't have seatbelts.
M: They don't?  How do you know that?
R: I learned it from the Berenstein Bears book!
M: Oh... hmmm interesting.  I wonder why they don't have seatbelts...
R: Because they don't get into car accidents.

(We watched the news last night.  There was a story about a school bus accident in Brighton.  After the news, there was a show like ET and they showed stories about weddings gone bad - including one where the bride was arrested and there was footage of her in the jail cell.  Apparently Reed was watching.)

M: They DO get into accidents though sometimes.  There was a bus accident yesterday!  No one on the bus got hurt though thankfully.  We saw it on the news, remember?
R: Oh yeah.  I saw that.  Did the bus catch on fire?
M: NO!  Why do you think that?
R: Because the firemen came!
M: No, the firemen came to help out and make sure everyone got out safe.
R: And then the police came and arrested them?
M: No... they police came to help out too.
R: Then why was that lady in jail?
M: What lady?  ohhhhh the lady in the dress?
R: Yeah!  That lady!
M: ummmm.  I don't remember why she was in jail Reed.  I think she made some bad choices.
R: What kind of bad choices?
M: I don't remember.
R: Mom.   Listen.  You need to start remembering things.  You need to pay attention to why that lady was in jail and when I ask you about it later, you need to try and remember.
M: laughing under my breath.... um. I'm sorry Reed.  I'll try to be better.  I was cooking dinner at the same time!  
R: Ok - but next time, you need to remember.

Sound familiar EMX?

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