Monday, February 28, 2011

Entering into Blogdom...


I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, or want to read what I have to write, but I figured it would be fun to start a blog where I can write about my life with my amazing husband, our adorable son, and our adventures as a family.

I suppose I should start by write about who I am...

Some randomness:  
  • I'm Michelle.  My closest friends and family members call me Chelle.  
  • I love cooking and baking.  I love to read mommy and food blogs and look for recipes.  I probably have 300 recipes saved in my email account.  I'm a bit of a recipe addict I guess.  
  • I've been married to my hubby, "EMX," since 2004 and we've been together since 1999.  We've had our dog D since 2005 and we welcomed our son, R, into our family in 2008.  (Does it sound like R comes second?  I just wanted to write in chronological order, lol.)  
  • I love all things London, Italy and the color brown.  I love to dance and sing, though I'm usually completely off-tune. 
  • I am the oldest of 3 and I have two wonderful sisters.  LOVE THEM!
  • As much as I love recipes and cooking, I will only even consider a recipe if it has an appropriate amount of ingredients or I know I have most of the ingredients listed.  Something about having to buy a cartload of ingredients for one dish really irks me.
So, I hope you like what you read!




  1. Oh I hate it too when I find a recipe that looks good and I realize I would have to buy half of the ingredients to make it and wouldn't use those things for any other meal.