Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love... and other random thoughts

LOVE this song from The Cure.  Every Friday morning, I listen to the FMS on WBER and at 7ish they play this song.  Lately I've been missing it, which totally puts me out of sorts for the day.  :(

R has been potty training up a storm!  (Which explains my long absence... every free moment is spent in the bathroom with him lately.)

I'm going to be "trying" to organize my recipes soon.  I have a bigger binder and need to get them sorted into some kind of usable system again.

EMX and I painted R's bathroom this past weekend.  Pics to follow.  Preview of color.  I now have the painting bug and can't wait to start the next room(s).

Had a super busy week, baking, turbo kicking and hip hopping, more baking, tapping.... Last night we had plans to take a family walk since it was so nice out, but we ended up talking/playing with our neighbors instead.  It was nice to catch up and meet one of the new babies of the neighborhood. 

I've been tracking my caloric/fat/protein intake this week just to see what I'm taking in daily and I was pretty disturbed that my lunch of a very small bowl (1 cup) of cheerios, 1% milk, a banana and an apple was ~600 calories!  Seriously?  Not sure I like knowing that information.  I might just go back to not paying attention to that kind of stuff.  Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

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