Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things that make you....

Go hmmmmm..... ok had to do it.  But really this post is about today and the things that made me smile....

1. Hearing "Tainted Love" on the radio.  Not only is it a fantastic song, but it also was a song that came on the radio in the OR while R was being born. EMX doesn't remember it that way, but I definitely remember making a comment about how much I loved that song.

2. Exercise! I haven't been able to work out (besides walking) in over a week and it felt awesome to do Turbo Kick, Hip-hop and Booty Bounce tonight.

3. Coming home to talk to R before bed. He asked if I exercised and I told him, "yes, I did turbo and hip-hop." To which he replied, "who is hip-hop?"  Love that kid.

4. Grape tomatoes and green beans from my garden in my salad.

5. Followed by an egg roll and a banana bran muffin. Eclectic dinners are awesome.  Also known as eating leftovers so you don't waste food.

6. Typing up this post on my phone because EMX is editing pictures on the big computer.

What made you smile today?


  1. This post :)

    And that I got a nap in with both boys today. That's ALWAYS a good day :)

  2. Your Tainted Love story made me smile. Cuz every time I hear that on the radio, I always think, of all things to say as you're having a baby, "I love this song" just seems so random. Yet so Chelle.