Monday, February 6, 2012

An informal name poll for Kid B

Kid B is "due" in 12 weeks (Yea for 3rd trimester!) and EMX and I, while we both like each other's top picks for names, cannot agree on a boy or girl name.  So, while we are not going to commit to a poll like these people, I thought an informal poll would be fun.

To keep it a little fair, I won't reveal which pick is mine and which pick is EMX's.  The links are there just for easy reference, though the reason why we each like our choices is not really dependent on the names' meaning.  We are also open to help with the different spellings listed below.  While we like different names (not in the top 10 name set), we do like names that will be easy to understand/read out loud in class.


Nora Gisele (Giselle)


Clark(e) Douglas
Trent Douglas

So, to reiterate again, just in case, the final choice will NOT be dependent on this poll, but I thought it would be fun to get some outside feedback.  I'd still like to believe that I'll have the final say - you know, after I've carried Kid B for 40 weeks, and given birth.  That whole chestnut.  


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