Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The mystery of the missing cookie - SOLVED

On the way home from our recent quick Boston trip, EMX and I made a stop at Holland Farms in Yorkville, NY.  What looks like a normal "convenient store/deli" from the outside houses some of the best desserts I have ever tasted  I am not exaggerating.  Their half moon cookies are amazing and their headlight donuts make you never want to eat or drink ANYTHING ever again.  Ever.

Once I realized how close Holland Farms was to the Thruway on the way to Boston, I immediately contacted my Mother-in-law and told her to get her order ready so I could call it in.  Holland Farms will ship their half moon cookies, but they will not ship their headlights.  My in-laws requested 6 "fingers" and 6 headlights.  For the younger Obers, we ordered 6 headlights and 6 half moon cookies.  3 chocolate bottom, 2 white bottom and 1 full moon - a white cookie with all white frosting.  I also knew that I would get a headlight for the road.

We stopped Sunday afternoon, picked up our order and ordered some goodies for the road.  I immediately regretted not getting a 2nd to-go treat, but EMX talked me into staying in my seat and just eating the one.

When we arrived home on Sunday, we had to share our treats with my L and her fiancee B, since we are oh so generous.  But there were stipulations.  They could choose a headlight or a half moon - one or the other.  And they were under strict instruction that if they chose a headlight and did not appreciate the awesomeness after their first bite, that they were to let me know immediately and I would finish the headlight and let them have a half moon cookie.

They appreciated the awesomeness, so I decided to eat a white bottom half moon cookie as my dessert (which I did share with B).  So that would leave one white bottom half moon cookie.

Cut to last night - Tuesday night.  I had a headlight Monday evening and the rest of the headlights are nestled safely in the garage freezer.  I was moving the full moon cookie to my lunch bag (a gift for my friend J at work) and was looking for the last white half moon cookie.  BUT, it was MISSING.  Where was the cookie?  I checked the garage freezer to see if I had frozen it.  Nope.  Not with the headlights.  I asked EMX if he had eaten it.  Nope.  He only will eat the chocolate bottom half moon cookies.  I tried to think about when I could have possibly eaten that last white bottom half moon cookie.  I sat and sat for a good 10 minutes trying to remember.  Then I got tired and decided to go to sleep.  But I STILL could not remember eating that darn cookie and it was really starting to bother me.  Did I sleep walk and eat the cookie?

This morning I woke up, went to work, and as soon as I got there, I emailed my sister L to see if I had given them a cookie for the road.  NOPE.  I also emailed my father-in-law to see if he had moved the cookie.... or, if when he came over our house on Monday to make sure my straightener was turned off (benefits of living in the same neighborhood as your in-laws), he had snatched the cookie and taken it.  NOPE.  That left sleepwalking, which I simply could not accept.

Tonight after work, I was pressed for time.  I had only 45 minutes from the time I left work to drive home, change, make the boys dinner, find the cookie and get to Super Strength class.  I checked the recycling bin which held the cookie boxes.  Not there.  I checked the fridge again.  Not there.  I asked EMX AGAIN if he had eaten the white bottom cookie.  NOPE.  I then checked the garage freezer AGAIN.  And there it was - IN the freezer door shelf.


Yet another example of pregnancy brain.

Kid B better be super cute and super smart because it is seriously taking all of my brain cells.

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