Monday, March 3, 2014

Perfect Arm Length?

I feel compelled to defend my title of "most perfect arm length for a group selfie picture" in light of Bradley Cooper's group selfie at last night's Oscars.  I'd also like to point out that Mr. Cooper is 6' 1" and I'm only 5' 8.75" so he has an arm length advantage!

I've been doing selfies since before cell phones had cameras.  I have been told many, many, MANY times that I have the perfect arm length for taking self pictures.  Because of this, I wanted to share some of those pictures that I've posted in the past - this time, all in one nice location.

Mr. Cooper, I'd love to challenge you to a group selfie FACE-OFF!  Ellen, are you willing to host?

Frequent members of the selfie, The Sisters in a Wedding Selfie

The Bride and Bridesmaid Cousin Selfie

Let's see how many people we can get in the picture Group Selfie

Our Nani turned 80 Cousin Selfie

We're drinking wine for a birthday Group Selfie

A classy engagement party Group Selfie to showcase the chocolate dessert balls

Let's break in the new point and shoot Family Selfie

The we are leaving our 2.5 year old for the first time and going across the country Couple Selfie

The College Bestie Selfie

The My Baby is a Camera Hog Selfie

Sitting on a Couch on Christmas Group Selfie

Backseat Two Person Selfie

Central Park Family Selfie

My Cousin is Eating my Head Group Selfie

At a Surprise 30th Group Selfie

At a Red Sox Game Couple Selfie (An OLDIE Selfie circa 2007!)

International Waiting for the Bus Couple Selfie

We're Sampling Guinness Couple Selfie (except I was pregnant, so really, it was just EMX)

We're in London Couple Selfie

EMX has had too many Guinness in Dublin Couple Selfie because his wife is pregnant and can't drink her free sample

Dublin in the background Couple Selfie

Our Sister is Engaged Sister Selfie

We're at the Zoo Couple Selfie

The I'm taking a Selfie with my Brother-in-law who is 6" taller than me Selfie - as taken by someone shorter than me.

We're watching Daddy run The Chase Corporate Challenge wearing matching sunglasses Mommy and Reedster Selfie

We're doing a bachelorette Wine Tour Cousin Selfie

Family Selfie

Let's see how many people we can get in the shot Group Selfie

Engagement party Girl Selfie

The Color Runner Bestie Selfie

In Car (stopped) Sister Selfie

Lifelong BFFs selfie

Wine on Ice Group Selfie
Mommy and G Lilac Festival Selfie

Celebrating our Birthdays Bestie Selfie

awwwww so cute selfie

The Family that takes Selfie pictures is the family that stays together

Just me Selfie

Getting there but not a record group selfie

The Bridesmaid and Groom Group Selfie

The Ringbearer Selfie (tearing up at my son's amazing abilities!)

The we call my BFF and she didn't answer Sister Selfie

The Bride's daughter thinks we are SO COOL Group Selfie
13 people wedding selfie!!!!!!!!!
The 15 people 2013 Record Group Selfie

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