Friday, March 7, 2014


I've actually been struggling with this for quite some time and haven't been able to put into words as eloquently as this writer did.  I actually have a few unpublished posts on this very topic.  To clear the air, here's the scoop:

1.  Sometimes my kids are SO cute and affectionate that my heart feels like it's bursting from love.  I can't help but share their cuteness by taking pictures and posting on social media.

I mean, really?  Look at how he puts his arm around her!
Other times, I've definitely left my kids in the car in our garage while I went inside to take a deep breath to calm myself so I could get my not quite 2 year old buckled in her car seat b/c she was playing limp girl and literally sliding herself out of the car seat onto the floor of my car.  I was definitely 20 minutes late for work that morning and thankfully I have a very forgiving boss (who happens to be a Godmother of the child, which doesn't hurt).

This picture was taken one week prior to the meltdown described above.
2. Sometimes I feel like I'm Queen of the world and no one can stop me.  Other times, I feel like a #cranzy person (which btw is the newest coolest word to use - crazy and cranky combined if you didn't already figure that out) because I cannot figure out how to get everything done in the day and still sleep, which I really, really love to do.  Then I wonder how the heck every other mom is handling things like cooking a healthy meal and getting it on the table by 5:15 when they work until 4:30?  And how do they fit reading to their kids in every night when they have karate two times a week and need baths, and need to eat dinner, and need to do homework?

3. Sometimes our house is super clean and tidy (read: when we are expecting people to come over).  Other times, (read: most of the time) at least one bathroom has toothpaste spit all over the mirror, there are hair ties/barrettes/matchbox cars/legos/baby dolls/stuffed animals/fake food/real food/hair all over the floor, in most rooms of the house.  The book shelf has baskets tipped over on the floor (see #2 - sometimes I just send the kids in to get the books ready so I can try and read to them and that happens).  There is probably a pile of clean laundry on my side of the bed, which is not made.

Bottom line?  I'm not perfect.  No human is.  Sure, we share mostly the happy/best looking pictures of our life.  I think most of us realize that the majority of people aren't very excited to share the not so perfect aspects of their life.  I think that's different than actually SEEING someone share they not so perfect aspects of their life.

But you know what?  You try your best.  Every day.  It's OK to fail at something, especially if you are trying something completely new to you.  While we strive for perfection, we all need to really know that it's not possible, and that's OK.

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