Monday, June 9, 2014

Ober-vations - Get it?

This morning while looking online for new sneakers for Reedster (he DID just learn how to tie his own shoes - that deserves some new sneakers, I think!), I was browsing and looking at maxi dresses.

Ober-vation 1.
Man - things are EXPENSIVE!  How annoying to not be able to know if that will look good on me?  Maybe I should go to that local consignment store/closet and try and see if I can find something there for a low price before I spend eleventy-billion dollars on something that won't look good on me.

So, off G and I went to the store with a few dresses and a couple of sweaters that I had in the back of my closet to see if could maybe get them to buy them and then not have to pay really ANYTHING for a dress.  How awesome would that be?  I am convinced they'll want my clothes because, duh, they are really cute, but just don't fit me.

G and I walk into the store and are greeted with a 12 year old with drawn on eyebrows.

Ober-vation 2.
When did they let 12 year olds start working in retail?  Because clearly this person is at least 10 years younger than me - and I'm definitely only 22.  Darnitall!  That's not right.  Reedster is 6, and I was how old when I had him?  Man - math is hard this early!  What year is it?

I'm met with a smile (I think - I really can't move past the eyebrows).

12 year old:  Hi!  Do you know what we do here?

Me: Um, I think so but I've never been here before so why don't you tell me?

12 year old: Well, we buy TEEN and YOUNG adult casual wear so I can already tell by looking at those dresses that they are not something we'll want.  They are WAY too formal.

Me: Um ok - well, can I just leave them with the other few things anyway so I don't have to carry them around?

12 year old: sure.  Come back with your ID, blah blah blah.

Ober-vation 3.
G and I decide to browse (BROWS, get it?) the maxi dress section and find a super cute dress for $12 and a matching belt for $6.  SCORE!

I don't care what that girls says, I can totally pull this off.  I'm buying it just to show her how hip and YOUNG I am.  And by HIP, I don't mean that I have child bearing hips, which I totally do.  I mean that these hips don't lie and they can shake what my momma gave me... or something.

Ober-vation 4.
On the ride home tonight from picking up my unwanted clothes (ahem, all of them), I was stopped at a light with my windows down.  Up next to me pulls two Harley Davidson motorcylces with some serious bikers on them.  Guess what they were BLASTING?


That's when I realized that even though those teens and young adults don't want my clothes, at least I'm not blaring my music trying to find someone to "ride wit me."

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  1. You're 23, Silly! I am 8 (YIKES???) years older than you, and I just turned 31 yesterday. ;)