Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ober-vations - Thoughts of a 30something year old at a BSB concert

3:00 Man, I wish I drank more water this morning.  Now I'm behind on my 9 cups and I'm going to have to catch up and use a porta-potty tonight.

4:30 I can't wait to eat.  I should have eaten a bigger lunch.  I hope this coffee keeps me awake tonight.

5:30 This Wegmans wrap is A-Mah-Zing.  Strawberry bruschetta?  Check.  Veggies and hummus?  Check.  Fruit?  Check.  Brownies?  Check.

High class tailgating is where it's at.

6:30 OOOOH they are giving out free water for Designated Drivers?  Like my Dad always says, "If it's free, it's for me!"

Wait - what did I just sign up for?

7:05 Wow, I'm OLD.  I can't tell if these 15 year olds are here trying to be ironic because they weren't born when BSB first started, or if they really like them.  Maybe they are here with their parents?

7:06 Oh.My.Goodness.  Brian Littrell's SON is singing on stage!  HOW.STINKING.CUTE.  I wonder how old he is.  I wonder if he and Reedster would get along.  I wonder if I could figure out how to finagle a play date.

Side Conversation with my friend C: 

Me: I think we should get them together for a play date.
C: Um yes - I'm going to have A start singing lessons so they can sing together.  Actually, we could form a boy band with our sons!  
Me: YES!  And then we can be their biggest fans!  I'll wear a shirt that says, 'My heart belongs to Reedster."

7:20 Avril Lavigne - is she my age?  Maybe younger?  Wow - she looks small.  I bet I'm like 5" taller than her!

7:25 (starts to notice clothing choices of other patrons) WHOA - why are high waisted shorts back "in?"  Don't people know that they accentuate CELLULITE?  Who in their right minds would wear those?  And when did crop tops come back in?  NO.WAY.  Not happening.  I may not have cellulite (Thank you God), but the stretch marks on my abdomen from having two kids would make people think a tiger mauled me.

7:26 Just when I thought it couldn't get worse than high waisted shorts.... high waisted shorts with boots that go just above the ankle?  Why would you want to make your legs look stumpy?  I thought people wanted long legs?  I'm really confused right now.

7:30 Is stone wash back in?  Did I miss that memo too?

7:35 Wait, wait wait.  Am I back in the year 1996?  OOOOOOOHHHH.  That makes much more sense now.

7:36 I didn't have an iPhone in 1996.  Crap.  It's actually 2014.  Man, I need to sit down for a few minutes apparently.  It's getting late.  How come I have 3 pimples TODAY?  I didn't have this many pimples in 1996.  How is that fair?

7:45 Oh good.  EMX took care of Reedster's snack and breakfast prep so I don't have to do that when I get home.  Man, getting out of that parking lot is going to be AW-FUL.

8:00 OK good - time for a little BSB.  I bet this will be fun.  Let me sit on the grass for a few minutes and text my sister about the people watching around here.

8:05 I wonder when they are going to start?  It's getting late.  YAWN.


8:29 (MUSIC STARTS)  Yay!  Time to rock!


8:40 (singing) my heart is incomplete!!!!! WOW.  These boys are really deep!  Why did I never realize that??????

8:50 (still singing) My Love Is All I Have to Give!!!!!!!  Without you I don't know how I would live!!!!!!

9:00 OHHHHHHHH man. They wrote this song for their KIDS?!?!?!?!?!?! I love these boys.  Seriously.  So adorable.  Such good dads.  I.can'!

I am your father.... and a BSB.  

9:10 (still singing) #SHOWMETHEMEANINGOFBEINGLONELY All of the sudden I'm in a musical...

9:18 Oh yeah - they've got it goin' on!!!!!!  for years!

9:30 (ACOUSTIC SET) - Let me get this straight, good looks, mad dance skills, good singing AND they play instruments?

9:40 (jumping) I can't believe how much fun this is.  Why do my knees hurt though?  I wonder if I have Advil in my purse...

9:45 Uh-Oh.  That girl is going to get on her friend's shoulders.

9:46 Oh thank goodness for security.  That girl could have cracked her head open.

9:47 ooooooh "Madeleine!"  I wonder if this is the name of someone's daughter?  HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE?

9:50 I don't think you can love me more than that..... true.story.  EMX.  I'm totally singing this to EMX.  NOT BSB.  Because I'm married to EMX and the year is 2014.  And I have two kids.  Two of them.  Yep.  Darn right!

10:00 NOOOOO I don't want this to end!  Come back!  You didn't sing "Everybody!"

10:05 BACKSTREET'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH THEY ARE!  I can't jump high enough!  Oh no! I have to pee!  I can't jump now!  UGHHHHHHHHH #momproblems EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY NIGHT IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!! (singing) "ARE YOU SILLY?????" Oh wait - my kids aren't here!  I can sing the real words!  What ARE the real words?????
So what are the real words?  It's not "AM I SILLLLLLY?"

10:15 NOOOOOO COME BACK!  They aren't turning the lights on yet - they are totally coming back!  I don't care if I sit in that parking lot until 2 am.  I'm totally not missing a song!

10:20 LARGER THAN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:30 Best Concert Ever!  Apparently I didn't remember how much I actually loved BSB.  I mean, I'm pretty much their biggest fan ever, right?

10:45 UGHHHHHHH I picked the wrong path to the exit.  Why won't you let me IN THE LINE?  That is really not nice.  Wouldn't you want me to let YOU in if you were in my spot?  People are so rude!

12:30 (still singing to BSB) Man - Did I really need to bring all this stuff with me?  It's going to take me 10 years to empty this car.

7:00 am the next morning - wakes up startled - oh my gosh, Reedster's bus is coming in 16 minutes!  GO GO GOOOOOOOOOO!

ARgh! We have 16 minutes to get to the bus!  Please don't need to go poop this morning!

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