Tuesday, July 15, 2014

21 day fix - Day 1

So, this am I had plans of waking up early and going to the public market to load up on veggies and fruit and then hitting up Wegmans for everything else.  But guess what?  I fell back asleep after my alarm and with the kids in VT camping with my ILs, I had no one to wake me up.  Apparently I was tired after our 4 days camping.  So my pre-planned day wasn't really going to work today since I had limited food in the fridge!

8:00 am Breakfast

So, I made do with 2 eggs, an apple and 3/4 of a yellow container of sweet potatoes that were leftover in my fridge from the day before we left.  

Why the 3/4 yellow container, you ask?  Later today I plan on using 4 oz of almond milk to make shakeology.  You can substitute 16 oz of almond milk for one yellow container and since I don't really need 16 oz, I'm using 1/4 of a yellow container for my shakeology and 3/4 this morning. #MathIsFun

Not a face anymore.
I couldn't resist - looks like a face.  :)

2 eggs

black coffee


Yam - 3/4 container

Looking at the apple whole I wasn't sure if it would fit into a purple container once cut up, but it did!  I was pretty excited about that because I would have been less than thrilled if I had to eat just part of an apple this
It fits!
12:00 pm Workout = Zumba 45 minutes

2:00 Lunch

I stopped at Wegmans after Zumba to do a quick shopping trip to make sure we had some veggies and fruits to choose from.  I had some leftovers to eat up though in the fridge that I could make work for today so I decided to do that.  I didn't take a picture of my lunch because, well, it wasn't pretty, haha.  I made a chicken salad with avocado and tahini and the avocado was all brown and icky and though it still tasted great, it was ugly leftover so I spared you the picture of that.  Instead I took a picture of what containers I used for lunch.  :)

leftover chicken salad:
tahini (ground sesame seeds) 1/2 container
lettuce and tomato cut up and combined
dressing (21 day fix approved) 1/2 container

4:00 Snack 

Coffee with 1 tbsp coconut milk - I really wanted something sweet and this took the edge off. 

5:00 Dinner

So today was kind of weird for me.  Normally I need a morning snack before a noon workout, but today I felt ok.  But after lunch, I was still hungry.  So even though I would normally eat a later dinner after having lunch at 2:00, I really was hungry at 5 and since I was heading back to Bounce for another class at 6:30, I decided to have an early dinner and then have a snack later on.

Doesn't look like much?
Now it does!

chicken (leftover baked)

spaghetti squash with lemon

leftover roasted broccoli

carrot sticks (not pictured)

I would normally add a little butter and Parmesan cheese to the spaghetti squash, but it was really good with just some fresh lemon juice!

6:30 Workout = 60 minutes Red Warrior Class at Bounce

8:15 Snack

Ok listen.  I've never ever been a "shake" person.  Like, ever.  I just have never seen the appeal to drinking your food as opposed to eating your food.  I'm giving shakeology a try while doing this challenge for a couple of reasons.  1. It will help me bump up my 4th red container without having to eat 4 meals of chicken.  2. It tastes good - it's like a natural healthy dessert!  3. It's SUPER easy.

So we'll see how it goes!

1 package of chocolate shakeology
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp almond butter
4 oz almond milk - 1/4 container
4 oz water

Some additional notes:

  • I plan on incorporating the 21 day fix workouts every day no matter if I get to Bounce that day or not, but since today was going to be the cardio workout and I went to Bounce twice, I decided to not do the fix workout in addition for today. 
  • I only did 1 tsp of oil/almond butter today because the leftover yams and broccoli had olive oil on them when I roasted them.  Since I really can't be sure how much there was in my serving, I decided to play it safe and only use 1 tsp of the almond butter instead of the normal 2 that I plan on having.  :)
Are you doing the fix right now?  How are you doing?  Please feel free to share any tips or comments below!

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