Tuesday, July 22, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 7 - late posting

This week is Family Week at our church - think VBS but in the evening so the entire family can join in on the fun and learning!  I know that doing the 21 day fix while not being in complete control over what I'm eating is going to be difficult but I'm still trying to make it all work out the best I can!  To give myself a little wiggle room, I'm trying to add in a few extra workouts this week in case I'm over in one color container (or two, haha).

Day 7 was Monday for me.

7:00 Breakfast
Paleo cereal with almond milk, coffee and water

I decided along with my fellow group members that paleo cereal could substitute a yellow container a few times a week for me.  My paleo cereal is homemade.  I use a blue container to measure it out, but count it as a yellow container since the nutrients are very similar to other yellow container foods, like yams.

Paleo cereal - Michelle style
Any mixture of nuts you like - this batch is raw almonds, raw cashews
Any seeds you like - this batch has roasted sunflower seeds
shredded unsweetened coconut
dried cranberries

Place ingredients in a food processor and pulse until it resembles cereal/granola consistency.

Pour your favorite milk over it and eat it!  You can also add sliced banana for some added yummy-ness.

11:00 Lower Fix workout

LOVE this workout.  I feel sore almost instantly and walking up the stairs is a chore.  I really like to feel sore after a workout so I know that I pushed it hard enough.   The Lower Fix will provide soreness.  I promise.

1:00 Lunch
1 full container of lettuce
1 container with peppers, celery, more lettuce and zucchini hummus
dressing - olive oil and vinegar
apple with almond butter

OK - so after the smaller breakfast, a workout, and then a late lunch, I was STARVING when it came time for lunch.  I would have eaten earlier but the kids woke up late and subsequently had a later breakfast and weren't hungry when I was.  I didn't feel like prepping two separate lunches so I just waited until they were hungry.

A rendition of one of my favorite salads that I make, this one has banana peppers, celery, romaine and chicken.  My favorite salad right now is romaine, salami, tomatoes, celery, provolone and banana peppers with vinaigrette.  I improvised with what I had in the fridge.

4:00 snack
almonds - definitely more than what a blue container is.  oops

6:00 Dinner at church

Tonight's theme was BBQ!  There were a ton of different meats to choose from and lots of mac and cheese.  There was also an activity at each table including grapes and whipped cream with a cherry on top.  (Even when we feel like the cherry - alone, Jesus is WITH US!  Always.)

I shared a plate with G for ease of going through the food line.  I ate the pulled bbq pork (which was seriously amazing.  I really need to figure out who made that one) and a few bites of the mac and cheese.  G was a HUGE fan of the mac and cheese so I fed her that.  I also had a cup of grapes with the whipped cream and cherry on top.  YUM.

8:30 snack

I got home from church and got G to bed (she fell asleep on the way home after not taking a nap today).

Don't worry - took this pic in the garage.  How cute is she hugging her bear?

I still had to make baked ziti for dinner at church for Tuesday and was a little hungry still, so I opted for an easy snack to eat while I was cooking.  I figured I was probably not on track for the day so I decided on chips with green salsa.  Not a horrible choice, but I definitely ate more than one yellow container full.  More like 2 containers.

When I went to my notebook and actually went through the day, it actually doesn't look as bad as I would have thought.  I just need to make sure that I don't continue to not have enough reds - only 2 per day is definitely  not enough!

For those of you doing the fix with me:

How is everyone doing?  What is the hardest thing for you so far?  What is your favorite workout?

For those of you NOT doing the fix with me:

Are you interested in doing the 21 Day Fix?  

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