Friday, July 18, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 3

The kids came home early - last night instead of tonight.  This will make things a little more interesting as I'm definitely prone to 1. taking bits of things that I give my kids as a "mommy tax," and 2. having to share what's on my plate with little fingers and mouths.

Breakfast and lunch were easy since the kids were at my in-laws house for the day so I could work from home.   (Well, they were sleeping during my breakfast, but not home during my lunch.)


2 eggs "fried"
raspberries and grapes
black coffee and water

9:45 sunflower seeds for a snack - I was hungry and didn't want to eat veggies that early or use up my 2nd purple container so soon in the day.

11:45 WORKOUT - Yoga Fix - 30 minutes

OK - I will admit it.  The hardest part of being part of a challenge group like this is the working out at home.  I.JUST.DON'T.LIKE.IT.  Seeing as I am supposed to be a "leader," I decided that when I committed to doing this, I would do the 21 day fix workout EVERY day - even if I was going to Bounce for a class.

Welp - the first two days, I actually went to a daytime class AND an evening class at Bounce (actually last night I taught PiYo) so I decided that I really shouldn't do the home workouts because I probably wasn't going to put much effort into them.

Today I had a lot on my to do list, so I decided to stay home and just do the workout.  Apparently when I wrote down which workouts I was going to do each day in my calendar, I totally didn't follow what the little guide says, but seeing as I was sore from two strength workouts today, Yoga really was what I needed today.  

I really enjoyed the workout!  At first I was thinking that I probably should have chosen something with more intensity, but really, the intensity does come from what you put into the workout!  Even though we were holding poses (I say "we" like the people in the video were here with me), I tried to really push my body a little past it's comfort zone to get the most out of the 30 minutes I set aside to do it.  Afterwards I felt refreshed, stretched out and even a little sweaty!  Love it.  I may have to incorporate this after a lower body day or upper body day as it really stretched out my sore muscles nicely.

12:30 leftovers from last night are an easy lunch!

4 oz lean ground beef
cheddar cheese
leftover eggplant, zucchini and onion

I didn't take a picture of this because I literally just ate it out of the tupperware that I stored it in.  I was too lazy busy to even plate it.

vanilla shakeology with coffee
splash of almond milk
unsweetened cocoa powder

My shake today was inspired by a frappe, but in all honesty,  I just wanted to be able to eat more food tonight and still have a shake so I didn't add banana or almond butter in.  It was really good!

Chili and sweet potatoes - 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow

I made my normal chili recipe which is just lean ground beef with tons of peppers, onions, diced tomatoes and seasonings.  I will have to post the recipe later because our computer is making some weird noises so im on my tablet.   That's where my pictures are too! Womp womp....

Apple with almond butter
4oz pinot grigio

I thought about "saving" this yellow for tomorrow when I'm meeting some friends, but decided against it and relaxed with a small glass of wine after karate.  I also managed to sneak in 20 minutes morr exercise while I brought R to karate tonight.  I wss able to run through a few PiYo songs in the lobby. Yeah, that's me in the lobby with my mat, water,  music and notebook.  :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures and highlighting!  I miss the computer!

***edited to add pictures!  Yay!

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