Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Really Fancy Post About Planning For the 21 Day Fix

As the title indicates, this is a super fancy post about my planning for the 21 day fix.  I'm talking, high tech, very difficult, labor intensive, beautifully designed planning.  The image below is so amazing and you totally cannot see my legs in the bottom of the picture.

I told you this was fancy.

So, while I'm all about typing things out usually, for some reason, this is what I'm finding to be the most useful way for me to start planning  for the 21 day fix.  Plus I get to use markers, lol.  Because I'm trying to keep mostly paleo/primal while doing the fix, there are certain foods that I'm probably not going to want to eat, but my family might want to eat, etc.  So what I did to start was go through the guide that comes with the fix and start by writing out which foods we are most likely to actually all eat (or most of us eat) in each category.  Then I'm going through and planning several days that will use similar foods.  One thing I seriously despise is having to buy a million ingredients for one week worth of meals (or 3 days worth of meals, ha).

Like I said, this is very technical, but also very preliminary.  I wanted to have a few days planned in advance so I can feel prepared, but also wanted to be able to have some options in case I don't feel in the mood for a certain meal on a particular day.  Because that tends to happen frequently, I'm attempting to keep the colors in a sort of pattern every day so I can swap dinner from one day to another if needed.

So, we'll see how this goes!  Do you want to join me?  You can get the 21 day fix with or without Shakeology which makes this a great option for everyone who is ready to work on portion control and exercise!

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