Saturday, July 19, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 4 - with some slip ups

I admit it, I over-indulged on yellows today.  It happens.  It's okay though!  Because I didn't seem to get enough greens and purples yesterday, I'm going to eat one more container of green and purple and try not to do any yellows today to try and balance things out.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my college girlfriends for an afternoon at the lake - something we've been doing for 14 years now.  Things are a lot different NOW compared to 14 years ago.  14 years ago we were wine tasting, playing flip cup and sleeping in tents next to the water.  This year there were 4 kids between the 3 of us girls there, less drinking, more baby snuggles and more talk about schedules, jobs and houses.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love that in the last 14-15 years we've gotten to experience life changes with each other, even if we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like.  <3

G snuggling with Auntie C.  
Their moms used to jump off that dock!

I mean, really.  How cute are these two?
I had decided to bring hummus with veggies and a light dessert to our gathering.  My friend K has Celiac disease, so finding a paleo strawberry shortcake recipe seemed like a perfect fit!

I made THIS recipe, but brought ice cream instead of whipping up cream.  It was really good!  Reedster didn't care for it, but he's not a fan of coconut flour recipes usually so that didn't surprise me.

I also decided to bring some 21 day fix approved cookies.  I made oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookies, which were edible, but definitely not my favorite.  G approved, but Reedster was not a fan.

I wanted to bring a light hummus so I went to my standby zucchini hummus recipe that is light and would more than likely fit into a green container since it uses zucchini instead of garbanzo beans!

I use this recipe and normally tweak it a little bit adding a little more cumin and lots of ground black pepper.
I just realized that I didn't manage to get a picture of the newest kid on the block!  If someone posts a picture from yesterday of the new baby girl that was present, I'll add it here.  I was too busy snuggling to take a picture apparently!

So this is a snapshot of my day food-wise.  Definitely could have made some healthier choices (or just eaten less chips and cheese puffs - oops forgot to write those down), but I feel pretty good today and was only up .2 lbs (probably in all reality due to not drinking enough water).

Moral of the story?  It's ok to fall down!  Just get back up.  If you fall down again... get up again.  We are all on our own journey, we all make our own choices, and we do what works best for us, and that's OK - as long as we aren't hurting someone else in the process obvi, lol.

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